Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My first post of random thoughts

Well, I've just started this blogging thing and I'm not sure yet what I'll write about. The title of the Blog site "PoMoyemu" is from Russian, and means "In my opinion." Accent is on the "Mo."I don't speak Russian. I did study it for many years, though. :) But this was one of my favorite phrases and it's always stuck with me. I would imagine that I'll have things to say about taxes, homeschooling, libertarian politics, my family, taekwondo and hapkido, and possibly other interesting or not so interesting topics. Ok, I think that's all for now!

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JohnPark said...

"PoMoyemu, eta moya provolochnaya zagrazhdyenya."
"In my opinion, this is my barbed-wire entanglement."

That weaves together your favorite Russian phrase and my favorite Russian phrase. Can anyone tell that Dad taught us Russian from the Army Language School textbooks?