Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Entry for January 13, 2007

Doesn't this just make you want to cry? I read this yesterday in a book called "Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope with the Crisis in Childrearing," by Robert Evans, pg 182. Prepare yourselves, fellow homeschoolers: "Years of consulting in schools of all kinds, from the most participatory to the most authoritarian, have taught me that what is crucial is that parents understand and respect a school's values and norms, not that they participate in creating them."

A little further in the paragraph, "This suggests that the formula for parent participation during the defining of purpose and conduct should be "as much as this school needs.""

It just keeps getting better. From pg 184, "If redefining the home-school partnership does not assign parents a primary role in devising purpose and conduct, or more generally, in governance and policy, it does place real importance on parents' involvement in the life of the school and in the lives and learning of their children. Here again, schools need to take a more assertive, parental stance with parents, encouraging them to engage themselves appropriately in these ways."

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