Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our Dog, Nute

I was just reminded by an email exchange this morning that our dog has his own website of sorts. :) We adopted Nute in 2002 from the local SPCA. They, in turn, have a Happy Endings page on their website, that people send stories to about the pets they've adopted. Here's the link to Nute's Happy Ending.

We've enjoyed training him using clicker training. Here's a site that describes the basics http://www.clickertrain.com/whatis.html . We were lucky that when we were looking for puppy training classes, we stumbled across the Golden Rule training school, run at the time by Teri Hamrick. We signed up for puppy training, family dog, clicks for tricks, and my favorite, agility! Since Nute understands the idea of the clicker, we can train him on our own. The idea for tricks you want to teach is to break the trick down into smaller steps and start rewarding when they first get the idea, then wait till they get more of it to reward as the training continues.

Nute can sit, lie down (we just call it "down"), spin in a circle, give his paw, roll onto his back (play dead, but we don't really have this one down yet), roll over, touch (with his nose, useful to get him to close or open a door without using his paw/nails), leave it (nice when he's about to or already holding your shoe in his slimy mouth!), give (we use this when we throw the ball for him and make him drop it so we don't have to wrestle it out of his mouth), and now the find command associated with a family member's name. The kids are imagining that I can send Nute out into the yard with food for them in a saddle bag, telling him to Find Emily, whereby she will then retrieve her snack. :)

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wahoo92 said...

Hi Sylvia,

I just noticed your blog address on your post at Alb. Homeschoolers. I like it. I just started one, too, and have had so much fun with it. I have wondered if there are others in the homeschooling community locally who have blogs. Maybe we could start a list. My blog is more of a daily diary of our days with some other things thrown in it. Come visit me at herdingturtles101@blogspot.com .