Monday, April 16, 2007

Daily Progress article: "UVa Study Slams Schools;" and speaking at UVa

This article appeared in today's paper--the same day I was giving my talk as a "homeschooling parent" guest speaker at a UVa sociology class titled "The Centrifugal Family." Great timing!

I truly enjoyed giving my speech, and I hope that the students got something out of it. If I only nudged one person in the (huge) lecture hall toward homeschooling their own kids one day, it was totally worth it.

The professor, Dr Allison Pugh, was very interested in our discussion of homeschooling when we met for lunch a few weeks back. And I've found her articles to be great food for thought, as well. My favorite is "When is a Doll More Than a Doll?: Selling Toys As Reassurance for Maternal and Class Anxiety.” Working Paper No. 28. Center for Working Families, University of California, Berkeley. April 2001."

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