Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grass Heads

The kids made "grass heads" at our March 4-H meeting. They have really taken off--this is a picture from April 6th. The kids gave them haircuts and they're growing back really well.

To make your own grass head:

  1. Cut about 12-18 inches from the toe of a pair of nylons.

  2. Pour a small handfull of grass seed into the toe.

  3. Then add several handfuls of sawdust, until it's the size you want. You'll need to push it down since the nylon stretches.

  4. Tie a knot at the base of the "head" and then decorate it. We used small rubber bands to create ears and noses.

  5. Then use marker or puff paint to make the rest of the face.

  6. Find a bowl or other container that the head will fit snugly into and not roll around.

  7. Fill it with water and also pour warm water on the top, where the grass seed is.

  8. Keep it watered and in sunlight, and within 10 days you should see it start to grow.

  9. You can trim the grass "hair" however you like, and it will keep growing--just like your lawn.

Thanks to Amy Hurt of the "I Hoe to Grow" seed project for showing our 4-H group how to do this fun project.

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JohnPark said...

Those are very funny!