Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Horrible Books orders due soon!

I received this email from Ray at

If you're in for some more Horrible Books from the UK, I'll be doing another Horrible Books Order on 4/29/07. Enjoy your Horrible Day! Horrible Ray

New Horrible Titles

  • Murderous Maths : Codes : How to Make Them and Break Them
  • Horrible Geography : Freaky Peaks & Perishing Poles
  • Horrible Science : Evil Inventions
  • Horrible Science : Fatal Forces & Fight for Flight
  • Horrible Science: Seriously Squishy Science Book
  • Horrible Histories : Barmy British Empire & Blitzed Brits
  • Horrible Histories : Oxford
  • Horrible Histories : Warriors
  • Dead Famous : Pirates and Their Caribbean Capers
  • Terry Deary : Terribly True Detective Stories
  • Terry Deary : Terribly True UFO Stories

If you've never read a Horrible History or Murderous Maths or other similar title, you're in for a treat! You can get more information at his website.

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