Monday, April 30, 2007

Native Plant Sale

We had a lot of fun on Sunday at the Jefferson Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society's native plants sale. These are the plants we ended up buying, but we could have walked away with so much more!

(pic: steeplebush)

Shrubs or bushes:
arrowwood virburnum, v. dentatum --Thomas's pick
black chokeberry--ditto
pink azalea

(pic: pink azalea)

steeplebush or hardhack, spiraea tomentosa
robin's plantain, erigeron pulchellus
smooth solomon's seal--Thomas's pick
sundrops oenothra
alumroot , heuchera americana --Thomas's pick
thin leaved coneflower, rudbeckia triloba
celandine poppy

(pic: echinacea purpura)

echinacea purpurea
bursting heart or strawberry bush--Emily's pick
wild blue phlox , phlox divaricata --ditto
iris cristata (crested iris)--ditto

(pic: celadine poppy)

(pic: sundrops oenothera)

Today I was able to find a nice mostly shady spot for the plants that want some shade or full shade: the back three plants are Celandine poppy and two thin-leaved coneflower; front two are alumroot and smooth solomon's seal, and the plant on the right is the pink azalea.

Please ignore the old aluminum siding on the other side of the fence. :) We haven't found a home for it yet.

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