Monday, April 09, 2007

Tomatosphere Project

Recently I sent away for the seeds to participate in the Tomatosphere projcet. Some members of our 4-H group will be participating with us, as well as some other friends. We'll report our results in a few weeks. From the site:

What is Tomatosphere?

Tomatosphere is a research project involving more than 6,000 classrooms of Grades 2 to grade 10 students ("Tomatonauts") across Canada , the United States and several other nations. In 2006, students will have the opportunity to grow tomatoes from seeds that have been on board the International Space Station of a period of 18 months, experiencing micro-gravity and increased levels of atmospheric radiation, and a control group. In the research project, students will be asked to germinate the seeds, but will not know the origin of the seeds until the results are reported to the
web site. At that point, the teacher receives an automatic response indicating which seeds were from each group. This methodology, known as a “blind study” will allow the mystery of the project to be real for the students.

The students will observe:
the time required for each seed to successfully germinate;
the number of successful germinated seeds in each treatment;
the seedling vigour as determined by height measurements;
seedling vigour in each treatment.

I'll post pictures throughout our project. This should be fun!

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