Sunday, April 22, 2007

White deer

My husband took this picture of a white deer, and his companions, in Nelson county a few days ago. He was in his car, so the picture is not very clear. White deer don't usually make it to adulthood, but this one is beating the odds.

UPDATE: Here's a link to an article about a herd of white deer living in NY. And I'm not 100% positive, but I don't believe all white deer are actually albinos. My husband has seen other deer with large patches of white fur, or even half the body white. That last link has great pictures.

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Jack Landers said...

There are 2 kinds of white deer. Some are albinos and others simply have white hair. Most white deer are albinos while only very, very few have white coats and otherwise normal levels of melanin.

Silvia said...

Thanks Jack. When I talked to my husband more about the photo and the deer, he did say he thought the eyes were red/pink, and that the skin of the ears was very pale, so he thought it probably was an albino. Pretty cool.

Beth said...

I live 30 miles east of Redding Ca and have many resident deer that graze on our lawn--some have been around many years and have brought their babies in each year. This year we have an albino. She is completely white, her eyes are very light but not pink and the inside of her ears are very pink. I have taken several pictures of her , her mother and another yearling that runs with them at times. I hope I have the oppertunity to watch her grow and have her own babies--I will let you know how that goes.