Friday, May 18, 2007

Guilty Raccoon Prints

These paw/hand prints have been on the roofing felt for about 8 months now. Nice dusty prints, two different sets. Each is above a door that opens to the nest boxes, where the hens lay their eggs. Some hens also sleep in the boxes instead of on a roost. The raccoon managed to get into the inside of the coop--where we keep everything stored and the chickens don't have access. He was up at the top, trying to reach in and grab either an egg or a hen, we don't know which.

We heard a commotion in the evening, and when Eddie went down to investigate, he caught the raccoon red-handed, so to speak. There's a motion sensor light in the coop which the raccoon had avoided triggering because it's aimed at the door and he was just above the sensor, but when the door opened, on went the light. Eddie said the look of stunned surprise on the raccoon's face was priceless. :) I won't tell you what happened next. Have I mentioned that Eddie's a hunter?

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