Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hands-on Learning

This is how we homeschool--by doing. Emily decided she wanted to make a wood box. She asked Eddie if he had any extra wood she could use. They worked together to measure and cut the wood. Here he's starting a nail for her.

Waiting for wood glue to dry in the clamp, to make the bottom.
Eddie's showing Emily how to use the power palm sander. And now she's doing it herself.

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Summer said...

Cool. What is the box going to be for?

Silvia said...

No doubt for a collection of some kind. She has lots of things she collects. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Silvia

I couldn't figure out how to contact you other than to leave a comment. I was intrigued by your hands-on-learning projects. I host a blog on local county history ( and was hoping to design some on-line activities for kids. If you would be willing to critique some of my sample activities (or, better yet, have your kids critique them), I would appreciate hearing from you.

lr9t -at-