Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hemp Jewelry Sampler Necklace

I made this sampler to demonstrate some of the different knots you can use in making hemp jewelry. All the designs are from the Klutz "Hemp Bracelets" book. I used about 15 feet of 48 lb (2mm dia.) hemp cord. You can also use 20 lb cord, which is what comes with the book, and it will allow you to use more of the smaller seed beads. The jewlerly will appear skinnier, but that's the only difference.

From right to left, these are the designs:
  • spiral knots--right-twist, followed by a dark wood bead strung over all 4 strands of cord

  • series of square knots, with a medium-colored wood bead strund in the middle, over just the two center strands

  • a series of three open squares, then a fourth with a light bead strung through it

  • some squre knots for a divider, then

  • three "switchbacks" and another few square knots

  • square knots with a bead strung through one cord and sitting on top

  • more square knots to divide, then

  • a series of 12 "ripples," including two with bead strung through them--you could add charms or other items here, too, and almost any other place on the necklace

  • a couple squre knots leading to

  • left-twisting sprial knots

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