Saturday, May 05, 2007

Homeschoolers competing in Discover mag contest

I'm just going to quote from an email I read on the VaEclecticHS list I'm on:

Four homeschooled kids from the Watson family in Northern Virginia recently submitted a video, titled "The Problem with Math" to the Discover magazine's
"String Theory in Two Minutes or Less" contest, and they are among the finalists! You may see their video and *vote* on your favorite at Look for the video titled, "The Problem With Math."The kids are up against a group of scientists, computer analysts, college professors, a television producer, a school, and university students.

This was a family venture: dad found the contest, older daughter wrote the script and got her siblings to participate, mom held the camera (when the daughter found it wasn't working for her to do it all herself), all the kids made cue cards and helped with filming, and the older daughter did the editing and submission. The Watson family has been learning about String Theory this year with "The Elegant Universe" DVD and book, and the Teaching Company's DVD lecture series called "Superstring Theory: the DNA of Reality" and of course, web sites, books, etc. The Watsons are hoping their little family homeschool project will have a good showing. Have fun watching the videos, learning about String Theory, and voting! Best of luck, Watson family!

HT to Shay for this article and the one on the VCU hs'ed students.

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