Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to Answer those Questions

When new homeschoolers ask me for advice on answering "those questions" that people ask when they see them out during the day with their kids (when everyone knows it's a school day, so why are there children here?), I give them some examples, but I really don't get asked "those questions" very much. I think I have a look that says, "Don't question me, bud." ;) Anyway, Lill at News from Hawkhill Acres has "the answers." Pick your favorites to use next time! Let me know what happens.

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Jo said...

Lill always knows just what to say doesn't she? lol

Lill said...

Thank you, Sylvia, I'm glad you liked the list. (Jo, I don't always know what to say. I just write things down when I think of them to make up for all the times when I don't have a clue.) Your blog is going on my blogroll, if that's okay with you. I found Dysteachia here and the chick pix and the skink... Well, if I don't get a blog post done today, we'll know who to blame, won't we? Seriously, I really like your blog and your writing style.

Silvia said...

Sounds great to me--I'll add you to my list as well. Share the love. :)