Monday, May 14, 2007

Quote from "In Their Own Way"

I have finished reading the book and have some more comments to make, but for today I'll just give a quote from the book. This is from Chapter 4, Dysteachia: The Real Reason Your Child Isn't Thriving in School. Armstrong has quoted another author:

Formal education has become such a complicated, self-conscious, and overregulated activity that learning is widely regarded as something difficult that the brain would rather not do. Teachers are often inclined to think that learning is an occasional event, requiring special incentives and rewards, not something that anyone would normally engage in given a choice . . . reluctance to learn cannot be attributed to the brain. Learning is the brain's primary function, its constant concern, and we become restless and frustrated if there is no learning to be done. We are all capable of huge and unsuspected learning accomplishments without effort. --Frank Smith, Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms

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wahoo92 said...

This book looks great. I will look forward to reading it.

Sarah H.