Friday, June 01, 2007

Article "Homeschooling and the Myth of Socialization"

This is something I found after I saw this quote:

"Go to your local public school, walk down the hallways and see what behaviors you would want your child to emulate." -Manfred B. Zysk
and wanted to find out who Manfred Zysk was. So I Googled him and found the above-named article on Select segments from the article:

One of the silliest and most annoying comments made to homeschooling parents is, "Aren't you concerned about how your child will be able to socialize with others?". What is being implied here is that the homeschooled child is some kind of introverted misfit who cannot relate to other people, children, and the outside world. In reality, most of the homeschooled children that I have known and met are not only outgoing, but polite and respectful, too. This is a sharp contrast to the public school children that I have known, who can't relate to adults and whose behavior is rude and inconsiderate. Realistically, there are some exceptions on both sides.

Who is responsible for creating this "socialization" problem? This myth has been perpetrated by sociologists, psychologists, public school administrators, the NEA (and local teacher's unions), etc., whenever they comment on homeschooling to the news media. These are the same people who give Ritalin (a very strong narcotic) and other drugs to schoolchildren, in place of discipline.

In conclusion, homeschooling parents choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons, but I have never heard any homeschooling parent say that the reason they want to homeschool is to isolate their child from all of society. But, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea for homeschooled children to stay away from public school administrators, the NEA members, sociologists, and others who cannot properly "socialize" with children.

BTW, the NEA is the largest labor union in the United States. Interestingly, they oppose homeschooling. WorldNetDaily has an old article, from 2000, the title of which is NEA vs. home schools: Union opposes nearly every aspect of parent-directed education.

Hm, wonder why. Maybe their monopoly would start to crumble if more people decided to take their kids out of the government schools and looked for schools that catered to their child's needs, or started to homeschool them.

According to the 2000 (?) US Census results (can't find the link at the moment, but I'll add it when I do), private school students make up about 10% of all school-aged children, while homeschooled children are approximately 2% of all school-aged children. Why do they dislike us so much? There's more competition from the private schools, which aren't' required to hire union teachers, or even certified teachers. Maybe it's just because we actually can do a good job--as good as or better than they do.

One last thing--a homeschooler won the spelling bee last night! Here is the press release, and this is the winner's bio.

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