Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book Swapping Sites

Elizabeth mentioned BookMooch in a comment for her post about the Green Valley Book Fair. And now Lissa is talking about PaperBackSwap in her post about the guy burning his books, because he can't sell them. I'd never heard of either site, but they look pretty similar in principle. If you've used either or both, please let me know if you've been happy with them, and how easy it has been to find books you were interested in.

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Elizabeth M said...

Bookmooch process: you add books to your "inventory" by entering the title or ISBN. You get 1/10 point for each book in your inventory. If a book in your inventory is also on another member's wishlist, they get a message saying that the book is available. Then they can "mooch" the book from you. If you agree to send your copy to them, you get a full point.

At the same time you build your wishlist and can mooch books off other members, paying one point per book.

The downside is that very popular books are on a lot of people's wishlists, obviously, so unless you're sitting right at the computer when you get the notification, you won't get the book.

So far I've mailed out four books from my inventory, I think, and received two from other people.