Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Earlysville's 11th Annual Fourth of July Parade

Details are from the Earlysville Notes, published by the Earlysville Area Residents' League.

Fourth of July Celebration

Wednesday, July 4, 1pm start time (get there early to figure out where you want to be in the parade, or to get a parking spot to watch the parade)
Bring your: riding mower, antique car, tractor, tricycle, bicycle, horse, carriage
Drive your: very very dirty vehicle, very clean vehicle, very old or very cool vehicle
March with a: civic group, church group, neighborhood, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, family, business associates
Be creative: use your own idea, no prizes, just fun! (Although I will comment that lots of people throw candy to the people watching!)

Participants should meet along Earlysville Forest Drive near the Post Office. The police dept will close the road and detour people through Ealrysville Forest for about one hour. Refreshments provided on the grounds of the Union church, a Virginia Historic Landmark.
Under the Unity Tent, candidates running for election in November will be on hand to greet their voters.
Businesses are welcome to parade and set up a booth, as well.

We've lived in Earlysville since December 1999, and have gone to this parade for the last several years. One year it was rained out, one year we were at the beach and missed it. But a couple years ago, we thought we'd pull some of our chickens behind us in a dog cage on a cart. That was really fun. People were commenting as we walked by, "Look at the roosters!" Of course, the hens weren't the least insulted. :)

Thomas and Emily in blue, with crazy tassel headbands and a flag; I'm just behind them with the hens.

There are our "girls."

Then last year we didn't bring the hens because we thought it might be too hot, and my husband, watching the parade while the kids and I walked/biked in it, overheard someone say to the person sitting with her, "Didn't you say there were chickens in the parade?" So we're going to pull the hens again. There are plenty of dogs in the parade, and some horses, fire trucks, of course, and old farm vehicles. It's a really nice small-town parade, and it doesn't last so long that you get tired of it or the heat. These three pictures below are from last year. So's the very first one, of the antique car.

Emily in a pink top on her bike, I'm a bit behind her.

She still has the headband for this year even!

I think that's my FairTax t-shirt.

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