Saturday, June 09, 2007

In the News: The family that beats a robber together ...

This article was on MSNBC:

HINESVILLE, Ga. - A robbery suspect was rescued by officers after his intended victims disarmed him, beat him with a metal broomstick and were about to whack him with a shovel, authorities said.
Police officers who were summoned to the home late Tuesday said they found the suspect, identified as Darrel Rolle, 27, lying on the living-room floor as Wu Ni's family held him down.
"He was so exhausted, we had to help him walk to the patrol car," Sheriff's Deputy Brian Barnes said.
Ni, a restaurant cook, told officers that he, his wife, his parents and other family members were returning to the home when he was confronted in the master bedroom by a man pointing a gun and shouting, "Give me the money!"

What happens next is just too beautiful. You'll have to read it on MSNBC.

I'll just take this time to mention (in case you missed it in an earlier post and might be planning to break into our home) that my 7 yr old is a high green belt (6th or 5th gup) in taekwondo and has studied sword, my 10 yr old is a brown belt (1st gup) and has studied sword and knife self-defense, my husband is a red belt (2nd gup) and has studied knife self-defense, and I'm a second degree black belt (2nd dan) and have studied sword, knife self-defense, bo staff, cane, and escrima sticks. My husband and I have also trained in hapkido. Caveat burglator!

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