Friday, June 29, 2007

McGuffey Art Center--Summer Camp

The kids finished their art camp today. It was held at McGuffey Art Center, near the Downtown Mall. Theirs was the "Summer Art Camp" with NiNi Baekstrom, a sculptor who uses mixed media, and Ann Cheeks, a painter.

Emily, holding her wood projects, titled "Order and Chaos."

Although they were enrolled in the same class, the group was divided about in half by age, so they actually didn't work together, which is probably a good thing. (Each group was with one instructor in a different studio, and then they'd switch after a snack break.)

Thomas's wood projects, the large one is called "Tartarus," the others don't have names.

Emily has taken the art camp before, about 2 yrs ago, and then continued during that fall with a homeschool sculpture/mixed media class run just by NiNi. I think it was better for Thomas to be on his own rather than have Emily giving "helpful" suggestions. She'd already offered to cut metal for him if he needed some, because you had to be older to use the tin snips.

The kids with NiNi--Thomas (yes, of course that's pain on his nose!) is holding a wire sculpture, and Emily has her mask in front of her.

Some of Thomas's projects--the blue on the left is a dog's head made of clay, the mask is in front, a wire and wax palm tree on the right, and one of his block prints behind everything else.

So, while they both complained about the early start--classes were from 9am to noon all week, and we had to leave by 8:15 to be there on time--they were always really happy with the class when I picked them up. Some of the different projects they worked on include:

  • collage,
  • making figures/objects with wire and wax,
  • block printing (done with styrofoam that they made their design on with a pointed stick, and then used it to print onto the paper),
  • drawing collaboratively (each person started a drawing, then the paper went around the room for others to add to it) and on their own,
  • painting,
  • working with wood,
  • using pastels,
  • working with clay,
  • and creating masks from gauze (like what they use for making a cast for your arm) with clay as the form underneath.
One day they went to Darden Towe Park to the river, to be inspired by nature and to use nature to create art.

Everyone I've talked to whose kids have taken classes with NiNi and Ann have been really happy with them.

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