Sunday, June 17, 2007

Neal Boortz on Government Schools

On the topic of education, I've got to quote some Neal Boortz, from his book Somebody's Gotta Say It. He starts with a real doozy, from the chapter titled The Tragedy of Our Government Schools, page 121:

There is no greater long-term threat to our continued prosperity, economic liberty, freedom, and quality of life in the United States than that presented by teachers unions. And that includes Islamic terrorists.
Wow! Tell us how you really feel! Later he defends his statement with
We can recover from the destruction that may be visited upon us by these Islamic radicals. But can we recover from the damage being done by our hideous government schools?
A massive terrorist weapon might destroy a city. Our government schools will destroy a nation.
There are millions of our children in government schools every day. Those schools are responsible for making sure that these kids learn what they need to survive as adults in the world.
Face it: they're failing.
That means that the future of those kids--that is, the next generation of adults, who will have to keep this country going for the next thirty or forty years--is in jeopardy. Those kids aren't getting what they need to cope in a free society. They are being educated to become perfect myrmidons, in love with government and suspicious of liberty.
[ . . .]
The real problem here is not so much the teachers unions as it is our system of government schools itself. But we can't fix that system as long as the unions are standing in the way . . . and standing they are.

I like the next part.
They're government schools . . . not public schools.
First, let's get our terms straight. Our so-called "public schools" are government schools. They're operated by the government, using government employees, on property owned and controlled by the government, using government funds. And they should be identified as such--if only to reveal the malicious wizard behind the curtain.
[ . . .]
The most rampant form of child abuse in this country is not only legal, but committed routinely. It is the act of taking what arguably is, or should be, the most precious things in your life--your children--and placing the responsibility for their education in the hands of the government.
Boortz isn't necessarily endorsing homeschooling, but he does certainly endorse school choice, via private schools, vouchers, etc. He proposes that the money follow the child, let the government schools compete against private schools, or homeschools, for students on an even playing field. He quotes from John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of American Education. He also brings to the reader's attention that one of the things that Marx and Engels listed in The Communist Manifesto as being necessary to help clear the way for Communist societies is: "Free education for all children in public schools." Huh.

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