Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Odd Egg

I was going to be shutting down the computer for the night, I swear I was! But first I went to collect the eggs. And that's when I saw this. Something's fishy in Denmark. These are the other eggs collected and a ruler for comparison.
This tiny egg is smaller than any we've ever collected from any of our hens, even compared to their first egg, which is always rather small. It's speckled, but that's not unusual.
Here's an egg shell marking we see a lot--possibly from the same hen every time. Pigmentation is a funny thing.

So, either something weird happened to one of the hens, or someone just started laying, really, really late (the youngest started laying at the end of November), or another bird laid an egg in the chicken's nest box.

If you raise hens, I'd love to hear if you've ever come across this situation.

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Yellow House Homeschool said...

Surely not a cuckoo?? My friend gets eggs that look like that from her 'pygmy hens', I don't know their proper name. Have any of your neighbours got those?

Silvia said...

Do you mean the bantams? They _are_ really small chickens. I've never seen their eggs. But there's actually no way for a hen to get into the enclosure, or out--trying to keep the remaining 10 hens we have at least till the chicks start laying! We've had a bird nest in the roof of the coop before, though. So a small bird, well, even a raccoon, could get in through the coop building. Wish we had a video feed down there!