Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quote from Underground History of American Education

Someone on one of my (many) email lists just included the following quote from John Taylor Gatto in a message to the list. It's from chapter 16:

A Conspiracy Against Ourselves

Spare yourself the anxiety of thinking of this school thing as a conspiracy, even though the project is indeed riddled with petty conspirators. It was and is a fully rational transaction in which all of us play a part. We trade the liberty of our kids and our free will for a secure social order and a very prosperous economy. It’s a bargain in which most of us agree to become as children ourselves, under the same tutelage which holds the young, in exchange for food, entertainment, and safety. The difficulty is that the contract fixes the goal of human life so low that students go mad trying to escape it.

And we wonder why we in the U.S. are ranked last, in a list of 21 economically developed nations, as a place for children to grow up in. This relates to the "artificial extension of childhood" also. Of course, government schooling isn't the only problem we face, but it's up there, in my opinion. (And I don't know how prosperous our economy will continue to be at the rate we're going. Read Boortz's Somebody's Gotta Say It for more on that. I didn't touch that subject in my previous post.)

(HT to Paul from the email list.)

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