Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Return of the Snake

Four days after being chased out of our hen house, the snake was back, but this time up near the road, at the front of our property, not near the hens/eggs at the back. I was outside in the front yard weeding (ok, I was spraying Round-Up on poison ivy, and I swear that's the only thing I use it on) and the dog was in the side yard. He wouldn't stop barking. I couldn't figure out why and kept yelling at him to be quiet. There are some dogs down the road that he likes to "talk" to, but this was a different, very persistent bark. So finally, after probably ten minutes of this, I go over to where Nute is and see this:

Nute's nose was less than a foot away the whole time he was barking. The snake didn't lunge at him, but was paying really close attention. Thomas happened to come out then to ask me something, and I told him to "get Dad and tell him to bring the camera!"

This is such a neat shot.

Poor snake just wanted to check out the birdhouse on the tree nearby, I'm sure.

Eddie got Nute to back away, and the snake was trying to keep its eyes on both of them. It finally gave up on the birdhouse and went across the road.

What a hard-working dog! I wonder if he was trying to warn us, or tell us he found a new friend and wasn't sure how to play with him. :)

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