Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That Durn Snake is Back!

Either the same one from a couple years ago, or a close relative. This is where I found it. It was actually behind a bag holding some parts for the coop. Great lesson on why you shouldn't leave things cluttering the floor of your chicken coop!

It didn't appear to have eaten an egg yet, but I think that's where it was eventually headed. Smile for the camera!

I started nudging it to get it moving in the right (escape) direction.

It's trying an escape route (upward). Looks pretty big, doesn't it?
There it is on the outside, along the top fence rail. Gotta be five feet long.

Another nice closeup of the head. I believe it's a ratsnake, which is very similar to a racer, but the belly of a rat snake is white and black, while the racer's belly is grey. A juvenile looks very different.

You can see the belly better here. Further down toward the tail it appeared almost all black.

Thick around the middle.

And he's gone . . .

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Yellow House Homeschool said...

We've also been troubled by snakes of late - between the stone wall of the bedroom and the plasterboard lining. Very noisy and disturbing for Little Miss.

PS. I'm supposed to let you know that I tagged you with an eight things meme. So glad you had a post I could leave an approximately relevant comment on.