Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomatosphere Project Update

We started our second trial of the Tomatosphere seeds on May 20th, to see if we'd get the same results. We started them this time in an egg carton, as you can see, instead of in the jiffy pellets.
The first picture is from day 8 and you can just barely see that one "R" seed from the left, and two "S" seeds from the right have started growing. "R" is growing faster, but it looks like it's missing those two leaves most seedlings start with.
Three days later and we've got three on the left and three on the right that are growing.
Now on day 17, we have three on the left and four on the right, and all appear to have their leaves.

Finally today, day 21, same number of plants, just getting larger. This picture is taken more from above so you can't see their height as well as in the earlier pictures. For some reason the other seeds haven't sprouted.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

We did this project, too, and did not have many seeds sprout. If I remember correctly, we had 3 "R" seeds and 5 "S". I wasn't sure if it was the soil we used or the seeds...