Saturday, July 07, 2007

Central Virginia Government School Websites

This list includes the main school website, the link to their home instruction policies page, if available online, and their part-time enrollment policy page, also if available.

Albemarle Co Public Schools website
Albemarle Co Public Schools Home Instruction Policies --please note that the information here is inaccurate, but is supposed to be updated sometime soon
Albemarle County Public Schools part-time enrollment policy

Augusta County Public Schools
Augusta County Home Instruction Notice of Intent

Buckingham Co Schools
Buckingham Co Schools part-time enrollment policy --part-time enrollment not allowed--see pg 29
Buckingham Co Schools policy manual --section LBD deals with home instruction

Charlottesville City Public Schools website
Charlottesville City Schools home instruction policy --note that they have not updated the policy manual to reflect changes in the law that took effect for the 2006-07 school year
Charlottesville's part-time enrollment policy

Fluvanna Co Public Schools website

Greene Co Public Schools
Greene Co Schools Policy Manual --home instruction policy starts on pg 533, part-time enrollment is on pg 399

Louisa County Public Schools website
Louisa Co Public Schools part-time enrollment policy --page 35
Louisa Co Public Schools home instruction policy

Madison Co Public Schools website

Nelson County Public Schools website
Nelson Co Policy Manual
Nelson Co part-time enrollment policy
Nelson Co Notice of Intent form --you are just directed to the VaDOE NOI form, but this is the person to talk to

Orange County Public Schools site
Orange Co Public Schools homeschool information --limited info
Orange Co part-time enrollment policy

Staunton City Schools

Waynesboro City Public Schools
Waynesboro City Public Schools home instruction policy

If you have a school to add, let me know in the comments. If you found a policy that I couldn't, I'd like to know about that, too. And if you want help finding policy information for a different school, I'm glad to help you find it.

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