Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Create a Foreign Language Program for Yourself or Your Child

There is a very helpful article in the current Home Education Magazine called Don't Quake Conjugate!: Teaching a Foreign Language, by Danielle L. Schultz. Her advice seems quite thorough and practical, and not difficult to pull together.

In the program she created for her daughter she uses many different resources, not just one textbook or software program, and would be equally beneficial to adults wanting to learn a language on their own, too. I'm looking forward to implementing her ideas when we get Emily and Thomas back to studying Italian with my mother, and Spanish for myself.

The only comment I would make on the ideas in the article are regarding her appraisal of Rosetta Stone. She mentions that her daughter didn't like the repetition. However, you are capable of tailoring your lessons with Rosetta Stone and skipping what you don't want, so I don't think that should be a reason not to use Rosetta Stone, especially when they offer far more languages than any other popular software program that I've heard of.

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