Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Electronics Lab

On Sunday I walked up the stairs to the kitchen and saw this going on:

Thomas had purchased the Klutz Battery Science book/kit a few weeks back, and that led to our pulling out this old Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab kit that had been a gift to Eddie's son Nick a few years back. Nick never did get into it, but I'm glad we kept it.

Eddie read from the manual, which has a lot of different electronics projects to build. The first workbook is called Basic Electronics: transistors and integrated circuits, and the second is called Digital Logic Projects. I think there's enough in there to keep them busy for a really long time!
First they built a "black box" test circuit, using an integrated circuit, resistors, capacitors, lots of connection wires.The project they were working on this day was something to demonstrate using light-sensitive photoresistors to change tone frequency with light.

The workbook.

The kit.

It was fun for them to work through the steps to get to the final project. And while I'm sure I'll enjoy working on these projects in the future, I'm really glad Eddie's trained as an electrician. :)

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JohnPark said...

Hey, I remember when Nick got that. That's very cool that you guys are doing electronic projects. Fun!