Saturday, July 07, 2007

Farm Animals as Pets

My in-laws live out in the Stony Point area and are fortunate enough to have sufficient land to accommodate lots of unusual pets.
First are the typical pets--their two dogs, Earnie (for Dale Earnhardt), a shepherd/husky mix, and Beau (Beauregard), a hound/beagle mix, and several cats (Rufus, a yellow tabby; Tribble, a tuxedo; and Kris Kringle "Krissy," a calico).
They also have 2 Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs (Biff and Leonard), an alpaca (LaPaz), and 4 goats (angora/pygmy mixes Debbie and Timmy, and the African pygmies, Cherie and Pierre). Please allow me to introduce you to a few of them.

LaPaz the alpaca, shorn for summer

Their upper lip is split for grasping food, and they have no upper teeth.

Timmy, Debbie, Cherie and Pierre

Cherie and Pierre

Timmy being fed--nice horns!

The dogs and cats didn't make it into any pictures, and neither did the pigs. Maybe next time!

Update: I've added the breeds for the cats and dogs that my mother-in-law emailed me and added some links.

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