Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From the Late Dr. Raymond Moore

Thank you to Elena at My Domestic Church for her post on Dr Moore. I haven't read the book she quotes from, but this part really struck me:

"Remember, when you surrender your parental authority and responsibility to the state, you are still accountable for your children, but you never fully retrieve your authority. Be careful, thoughtful and fully informed before you give away your own lest you like others pay a price in damaged children."

I also was glad to read that he recommended delaying music lessons until the child is about 11 yrs old. Whew!
Most music teaches say it is best not to start lessons before age eleven. When lessons are begun too early, children often want to shift expensively from instrument to instrument or tire of music lessons altogether. A child's excitement for early music lessons is seldom mature. And parental pressure on an unready child can lead to calamity. A potential prodigy need not also be neurotic.

Her post is part of the carnival of homeschooling.

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