Tuesday, July 31, 2007

High School Reunion

So I attended my 20th high school reunion this weekend. I was rather ambivalent about going, and only decided at the last minute to drive up there. I graduated from Fairfax High School, in Va, but I only went there for my senior year. Before that we lived in NY and I attended Arlington High School in Lagrangeville (Dutchess Co), NY. I'm going to go to that reunion in October, because I was in that school district for 7 yrs and have a lot of people I'd really love to see again. I wasn't so sure about Fairfax. I'd spent less than a year with most of those people, with the exception of a few who'd gone to JMU like I did.
But I'm so glad I went! I remembered more people than I thought I would, and, happily, lots of people remembered me, too. The guys had changed a little more than the girls, probably because they hadn't stopped growing by graduation! Our name tags had our yearbook senior picture on them, which was a neat touch.
Miss Burke, the class advisor, and my government teacher.

I had fun talking to people I hadn't even known back then. Everyone was in the mood to mingle. We spent a lot of time talking about old times, but also about our lives now. It was kind of weird to be talking to these "adults" now, about having kids, breastfeeding, all the normal things that happen when you're 38. Twenty years ago I never even thought I would want to have any children. And I certainly didn't talk about it with my classmates! So the night was a strange mix of old memories and current events. A lot of us commented that we didn't feel 38--more like we're still in our 20's somewhere. Denial is a wonderful thing, sometimes. :)

Now I really can't wait for my NY reunion!

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