Thursday, July 12, 2007

Salazar Keeps Coming Back

It's almost funny now. I went down not two hours ago to collect the eggs and saw Salazar with an egg half-way in his/her mouth. I ran up to get my camera and he'd retreated somewhat into the nest boxes. I opened the door upward (you can't see it in the pictures) and got some nice pictures of our friend.

He was working hard to swallow that egg.

For good reason--this hen was in the box next to him, and she could see him.
I think he realized that in this picture.
And on a side note, I purchased a 3 gallon waterer for the chicks today. Someone mentioned another potential cause of death for the barred rock this morning might have been smothering. Some of the other chicks might have been sleeping on top of her and she either couldn't breathe or was crushed. Ick.

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Kelly McCants said...

no way! That egg is creepy and so is Salazar. Can't wait to show the kiddies!

Silvia said...

Hi Kelly! When I ran back to the house to get the camera I yelled out about the snake and Emily, Thomas and Nick all came running down. Nick (17) grabbed its tail and used a stick to get near the head, and carried it out of the coop. It was still moving the egg downward. :)