Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Unschooling Voices Postponed

From Joanne:

Quick update on Unschooling Voices #10 Sorry it didn't wasn't posted yesterday. We've been having bad lightning storms all week and I keep everything shut off when that happens and yesterday our electricity was out for several hours during one of the storms. I'll have it up this week. If anybody still wants to participate, feel free to e-mail your submission. All the details can be found by clicking the "Unschooling Voices" link in the right sidebar. (not the left sidebar-that's past editions) Thanks!

Another update
I just posted the other day about the storms we've been having and they're still going on. It's been lighting, thundering and raining every day for the last week. On top of it, my mom is back in the hospital and things don't look so good. I'm going to hold off on Unschooling Voices #10 so feel free to keep sending in submissions and it'll be up as soon as I can properly focus on it. Please keep my mom in your thoughts. :-)

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