Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where Our Tax Dollars Are Going

Thanks to BK Marcus at lowercase liberty for his post "School System Mission Creep." This is the NY Times article titled Public Schools Feed Multitudes in the Summer.

I love this quote:

“This helps me with my financials,” Ms. Jara said, while Sabina nibbled on a peach. “I need the money to buy other things.”
But what about everyone else's "financials," which are going to support paying for the free food? Don't we all need our money to "buy other things?" I'm glad the kids aren't going hungry, but who is ultimately, principally responsible for these children?

As I commented on BK Marcus's site:
' “We’re really trying to expand our scope for the summer,” said Eric Goldstein, who became chief executive of student support services four months ago. “We’re trying to get to as many kids as possible. If there are kids there, we want to be there to feed them.”

Because food is somehow related to school in what way? They're becoming surrogate families, and then we eventually won't need families at all. Thanks for finding this. '

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