Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Albemarle County Fair

I think we had the best weather ever last night for the fair. It started out still a bit hot because the sun was out, but by 7:30 it was quite nice, and it didn't seem very humid. We headed straight to our friends' new donut stand--Carpe Donut!

Then we checked out the fruits and veggies tent to see how our entries had done. After that, we went over to the home arts tent and did the same. We won a bunch of ribbons and had fun hunting everything down--especially in home arts.

We wandered through all the other tents and then the kids got their wristbands and rode the rides the rest of the night. They had a lot more fun this year than last--pretty soon, Eddie says they'll be ready to ride with him at Disney. :)

I took pictures this time--I forgot to last year. Here is the album link:

Albemarle County Fair pics

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