Friday, August 03, 2007

AlbemarleHomeschoolers Having Not Back to School Extravaganza

ANNOUNCING: AlbemarleHomeschoolers Pen Park Extravaganza coming up on Tuesday, August 14, Picnic Shelters, 10am till we're done!

All are welcome! See old new your Paramount show tickets for the and sell used with the kids...bring a picnic! Read on for details...

PARAMOUNT TICKET SALE: Check in with Sue Reres or Sarah Henley (we'll be the ones with the laptops) at the shelter nearest the volleyball sand pit. We'll probably start selling around 10am and go for a couple of hours. No need to stand in line. Go check out the used curricula sale instead of waiting!

IMPORTANT: Please have the following ready ahead of time:
On a piece of paper or index card, PRINT CLEARLY your name (last, first), your email, and your list of shows with ticket # requested. This year, we will be taking orders for all shows at once, versus dividing your order by age group category. Should be simpler. The main thing is to have your info clearly printed as this will facilitate our data input. Bring cash OR a check made out to "cash" - total tickets times $5 per ticket. Your order will be included in the group order for AlbemarleHomeschoolers and reminder emails will be sent out prior to each show. No paper tickets will be issued!!

USED CURRICULA SALE: 10am until 12:30 at the shelter closest to the parking lot.
If you're selling items....
- You can set up as early as 9:30- Bring a blanket and folding chairs as the tables will likely fill up
- Sell only what could remotely be considered educational materials - this would include toys, games, books, music, videos, equipment, etc. appropriate for ages 17 & under. It would NOT include housewares & clothes. Just use good judgment, but no one will be policing this event!- Have your items clearly priced, including anything you want to give away as "free". We may end up having a "free" table or blanket for locating those items.
- You will need to monitor your own stuff or make buddy arrangements with a friend if you need to run off for a few minutes to catch a wayward kid or something.- AND THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE, you MUST take home anything that you brought but were unable to sell. There won't be a "sale policeman", but there also will not be a "sale janitor"!
- Other questions? Contact Mary Passalacqua at

FAMILY PICNIC: BYOF (Bring your own food, that is!) We will have a water cooler and cups for hot kids playing on the field, but you should make sure to bring anything else you want, and perhaps a picnic blanket and/or folding chairs.

GAMES FOR ONE AND ALL! This part will be informally organized, relying on the synergy, enthusiasm, and creativity usually found among homeschool families! Please bring along any sporting accoutrements you want....frisbees, kick balls, volleyball, etc. We'll encourage some pick-up kickball, dodge ball (the friendly version), pickup volleyball for the older set, etc.. There may be some water games on hand since it's August. Bring your kids, some sunscreen, your ideas, and a willingness to play!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Your friendly organizers,

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