Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cucumber Problems

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Could it be the ants??

Some are turning out ok, but a lot have stunted ends or are curving as they grow.

One possible answer:

Problem: Cucumber mosaic

Affected Area: Leaf, Stem, and Fruit

Description: Vines are stunted, new leaves are dwarfed, mottled, distorted [ours aren't] and may wilt and die. Fruit distorts and yellows early. [Ours aren't yellowing.]

Control: Plant resistant varieties. Control aphids and cucumber beetles. Rotate placement from year to year.

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JohnPark said...


Lynn said...

This is our first year growing cucumbers and we had one that curled like the one in your first picture. No yellowing, though. No aphids. Uh,.. in other words, I'm not going to be any help whatsoever! I'm sorry. I'll check back to see what you find out, though :)

Anonymous said...

It's because they're touching the ground that they curve. This is really common with longer members of the cucumber family (si gua, snake gourd, etc.)

Try getting them to grow hanging down. For some long kinds of cucumbers/gourds people even tie weights to hang from the end.


Silvia said...

I have some that are hanging from the fence, nothing touching them, and they still curl, though. Thanks for trying to help!

Silvia said...

Oh, someone said mabye not enough water. That could be . . .