Friday, August 31, 2007

First Monarch Released

This morning I looked in on the monarch cage and saw this!

We waited till about 11 am to release it. Emily held it for about two seconds and it took off, high up into the sky. (Thomas will get a chance to hold the second one.)

This is the old chrysalis casing.

Less than ten days from chrysalis to butterfly. Pretty cool! We might see the other emerge later today or tomorrow. And the remaining caterpillar is still growing and eating and growing and eating . . .

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lynnak said...

We did the monarch butterfly kit when our kids were much younger. It was a huge hit and great fun to watch them grow, spin and then emerge. Kind of sad when we let the pretty little things go.

The silkworms were a success, too, but not nearly as fun as the butterflies. Ladybugs were a challenge because we couldn't keep them inside their display box; they were everywhere. In the house. I hope that part has been improved.

These types of projects are some of the funnest ways to teach kids science.