Sunday, August 12, 2007

Greene County Fair Results

We entered most of the same items at the Greene County Fair as we did for Albemarle's. I didn't enter any veggies, though, and only entered the passion flower in horticulture. I forgot the doll's dress when I was packing our stuff up, but I did add these two items: I used a stencil to paint the scorpion on tile at the Paintin' Place, to give to Thomas, of course! And I finished this Cherished Teddies ("There's Room in My Sand Castle for You") cross-stitch just in time to enter it. I'd been working on it over several years, a stitch here, a stitch there. Finally done! A friend gave me the actual figurine years ago, and when I saw the cross-stitch pattern, I had to get it.
I found some more of Thomas's artwork to enter, also. There's a decoupage plaque that says "Thomas", a clay dog head--very hard to make out in the picture, and a copper-wire-and-wax palm tree sculpture. He made all these at Nini's art camp this summer.

So, what did we win? A lot of stuff! Here's the list:

Pic of Chicks (Creampuff and Cleo), 2nd place
Pic of Daddy going to work, 3rd place
Doll’s nightgown, 1st place
Macramé necklace w/ bolt, 2nd
Quilt, 2nd
Ceramic unicorn, 1st
Clay head, 2nd
Elephant mask, 1st
Irish rainbow painting, 3rd
Watermelon earrings, 1st
Soap, 2nd

Order and Chaos sculpture, 1st place, plus green ribbon (best in show) and $5 prize

Picture of Nute, 1st place, green ribbon (best in show) and $5 prize
Scorpion print, 1st place
Decoupage “Thomas”, 3rd place
Wire and wax palm tree, 2nd place
Scream mask, 3rd place
Ceramic snake, 1st place, ribbon (best in show) and $5 prize
Clay dog head, participant ribbon

Macramé anklet, 1st place
Photo of Kathy the hen, 2nd
Passiflora vine, 2nd
Scorpion tile, 2nd
Bear x-stitch, 2nd

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Marijean said...

Silvia, congratulations on your wins! I'm so delighted to learn about The Paintin' Place. We had a few pottery places back in St. Louis and we missed them sorely. The girl and I will definitely be making a trip to do some painting. Thank you!

Laura said...

Congrats! Sounds like y'all cleaned up at the county fair!

Silvia said...

I don't have any idea what county fairs are like out your way, Laura, but the competition really wasn't that great--I don't mean the actual entries, just the low number of them. Lots of really nice things at both fairs this year!