Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Idea for Helping Kids Deal with Anger

I was talking to a friend the other day about how difficult it can be for one of my children to stop anger from taking over, once something gets it going. It seems like the anger becomes the only thought, and it keeps feeding on itself.

She reminded me of something that our friend Lissa wrote, back in May, about her "tipping the cup" metaphor. If the child can become mindful of this tendency, maybe that's all it will take to reign the emotions back in. This is part of what she wrote:

One image that has worked wonders here lately is the tipping cup. Years ago, I noticed something about toddlers. If a two-year-old is holding a cup of water, and it tips and begins to spill, the child—rather than righting the cup—will nearly always turn that cup right upside down and dump out the rest of the water. Which is why you only gave the child water, and not juice.

It struck me a certain type of temperament is prone to similar behavior when it comes to anger. I have a hot-tempered child whose natural tendency is to react to any slight upset with a full-fledged outpouring of wrath. If her cup of emotion tips, so to speak, her inclination is to just pour it all out.

So one day I talked to her about toddlers and tipping cups, and how our feelings can be like the water in the cup. She seized hold of the metaphor immediately. We talked about how part of growing up is learning how to straighten your cup back up after you've been jostled. You don't have to let every little splash turn into a big flood.

This image has become a bit of code between us. I'll see her beginning to lose her temper after something annoying happens. "Straighten your cup," I'll murmur, and more and more often, she takes a breath, presses her lips together in grim determination—and keeps her temper in check.

Here's hoping this works for my anger-prone child, too!

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