Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love This Comment

“Children can’t fly if they aren’t free, and they aren’t free if the conformity of a classroom is the only acceptable path to education.”— Laura Derrick, president, National Home Education Network

This was in response to this columnist blog post at USA Today, "Parents should give school-age kids wings"--Plain Talk by Al Neuharth, USA TODAY founder. In particular, it's this passage:

My concern about our educational system is for those who aren't part of it — these home-schooled:

* An estimated 1.7 million to 2.5 million will be taught at home by a parent this year.
* They are tied to their mother's apron strings or father's bootstraps.

Not letting kids try out their own wings after we've provided the right roots will disadvantage them later in life.

I think he's put his boots in his mouth, and someone should tie his hands with his wife's apron strings, maybe. I think kids' wings are being clipped at schools (Ritalin, anyone?), and their roots (family? nah, don't need that, teachers will be there for you always, or till the next year anyway) are certainly not being nourished. There are a bunch of comments at the site, as you would imagine.

More great commentary can be found at Cocking a Snook's Unschooling the Public in 25 Words or Less. And at HE&OS.

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