Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lovely Back-to-School Time Article

This is a great read. Marjorie took the words right out of my mouth, and says what I was thinking better than I would have. Her post is titled Autumnal Anxiety and it's over at Life Without School, a group blog. Here's the beginning:

It's nearly Back-to-School and once again, I am wringing my hands. The problem is that I unschool. I didn't really mean to and I often feel guilty about it, especially at this time of year. What are we going to do this school year? What do I say when people ask about our homeschooling? I feel like I should be "doing something" with the kids -- giving them a lesson, planning an activity, anything that could be deemed

Most of the time I am very happy with our approach to education, but Back-to-School time is hard for me. Sure, I participate in the annual festival of buying paper and pencils, and I even amuse myself by reading the lists of supplies that school children are expected to have (Target has lists from each local school, for each grade). But, my involvement in Back-to-School goes no further than that. We don't have anything to go "back" to -- we don't have anything we "left behind."

The whole blog has a wonderful mix of articles written by a great group of women. Check it out!

On a related note, the latest Carnival of Education is out at MatthewKTabor.

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Matthew K. Tabor said...

Thanks for helping spread the Carnival of Education - plenty of posts this week [44 or so], all of which are worth reading.