Monday, August 20, 2007

Make If From Scratch Carnival 27

Welcome to this week's Make It From Scratch Carnival! I've enjoyed reading all the blogs--the submitted posts and others. Here is my "Ode to Make If From Scratch."

M is for Mom--Suzanne presents Mom's Granola posted at :: adventures in daily living ::. It looks healthy, easy to make, and delicious!

A is for alternatives--zamejias presents Safe Alternatives to Common Household Products posted at Verb. So many great ideas here.

K is for knit--Abigail Rupp presents Made From Scratch - Kid's Fisherman Knit Sweater posted at Abigail's Alcove. There's a link for the pattern there, too.

E is for eggs--GP presents The Chicken or the Egg ? posted at Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping. You'll be "scrambling to make the perfect eggs" in no time!

I is for Italian recipes--these are my mother's Three Wonderful Italian Recipes posted right here at my blog PoMoyemu--In My Opinion.

T is for too good to last long--TerryM presents Banana Bread Gone Missing posted at Mom On Wheels. She says in the post that it takes her "less time to make banana bread than it does to make my bed in the morning."

F is for farmer's market--Karen Bastille presents The Farmer's Market posted at Summer With Grandmother Wren. Stuffed peppers to eat, and a fun craft for the kids while they wait.

R is for recipe--Demeter presents Recipe: Profiteroles posted at Insert Witty Blog Here. First-time entry from Demeter, she says this is "a lovely pastry delicacy that can be used many ways."
--And Lucynda Riley presents Make Your Own Buttermilk posted at Quietly Into the Night.

O is for one-pot meals--Tiffany Washko presents Book Review: Glorious One Pot Meals posted at Natural Family Living Blog. I can't wait to get my own copy of this book.

M is for monogrammed--Joanie presents Quick monogrammed gift tutorial posted at Nini Makes. She says that this is a "handy project using up old scraps of fabric and turning them into gifts." It's never too early to start working on holiday gifts.

S is for standing--FitBuff presents I Can Stand My Stand Up Desk posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog. My husband has worked from a raised desk and loved it, by the way. Brandon says: "Anyone who works at a desk for hours at a time like me, especially those working at home, can benefit from a stand up desk. I know it sounds crazy at first, but this article chronicles my first month of using a stand up desk and how it has improved my posture, performance, and productivity. Plus, I show you how to set up one yourself to try out for free to see if you like it."

C is for crafts--Bridget presents School's Out For The Summer: Kids Craft Recipes posted at .."And Miles To Go Before We Sleep...". The playdough looks good enough to eat!

R is for roasted--Tara presents Inside Out: Roasted Red Pepper Dip posted at Inside Out. Tara says, "This is my own from scratch recipe for super easy roasted red pepper dip. With only two main ingredients, plus some olive oil, salt and pepper, you can't really go wrong. Use it as a dip, a cooking sauce, a salsa or a salad dressing..."

A is for all these great ideas--Sara presents Flutterby Gifts Blog : Something precious posted at Flutterby Gifts Blog. Quilts are always wonderful to give and to receive.
--Rebecca gives us Made from Scratch--Heavy Babies at Today in Faerie School. She tells us, "I'm getting ready to be a vendor at a local homeschooling conference, so I'm making a lot of dolls for sale. These babies are made from scratch with wool, cotton, receiving blankets, and toasted millet."

T is for things to do and make--Laura Williams presents Handstamped Memory Game for Children posted at Laura Williams' Musings. Laura asks, "Do you remember those little memory card games that you played with as a child or your children or grandchildren play with now? They were and still are great to build a child's memory skill with. Now you can make them to give as gifts with the scrap supplies you have on hand."
--Karen Cole presents Craft stick projects for kids at website Big Learning. Karen says, "Although this page isn't a blog, it is full of cool and educational craft ideas."
--Cindy gives us a recycling project, a Crocheted Plastic Wristlet Bag from her recycling and crafts blog My Recycled Bags. She said, "This week's project is a wristlet purse that is crocheted from recycled plastic bags. This is a quick, easy project that makes a cute little bag. I made this purse with white bags so it has summer look. The wristlet bags are designed to be a small purse that has a short strap which you can slide up onto your wrist to hold your bag." And there is of course a pattern available at her site.
--And Michelle from writes about sewing aprons and purses for her girls at From Scratch posted at Living Waters.

C is for canning--Stephanie presents Canning Tomato Soup posted at Stop the Ride!. Yummy!

H is for how--HowToMe presents How to Teach your Tactile or Kinesthetic Learner to Study (4 of 4) posted at HowToMe. "Tactile Learners tend to learn better by having hands-on experiences. If your student has these tendencies, here are some ideas and projects that may prove helpful when learning and studying together." This is article 4 of 4 in a series addressing different learning styles.

That's it for me! I hope you've enjoyed this week's carnival as much as I have. If I missed anyone, I apologize--we've been without DSL for several days now and dialup is driving me crazy!

Next week, Summer's Nook will be hosting. You can send your submission for the carnival using this easy form at BlogCarnival.

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looks really great this week :) Thanks so much for hosting!

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Thank you for accepting my entry. And they all look so wonderful! Great job!

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Look at all the wonderful links!

Thank you for linking to mine. :)

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Thanks Silvia. It looks great!

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What a great presentation! Did you not get my submission from The Fat Bottomed Girl?
Thanks for hosting!

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Oh, so cute! Love the acrostic!!

Silvia said...

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Thank you for hosting the MIFS this week. You did a beautiful job with the layout and colors. The pictures added a lot to the overall look too. Great job!

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Thank you for hosting this super carnival!

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Great job hosting. This is my first time to participate so thanks - and I agree with Cindy, the layout and the pictures look great!

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Hey Silvia!

Great carnival, and lots of good reads. Thanks for including our article. I’ll be sure to submit more in the future, and you’re welcome to submit to our weekly carnival as well:

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