Saturday, August 04, 2007

Over at Why Homeschool

This is a really good post (read the comments, too) in response to a comment on their Bureaucracy May Destroy the Public School System post. It's a great addition to their earlier article that prompted me to write Why Homeschooling Works.

This one discusses the issue of homeschool parents' removing their children from "the system" and if that's bad for government schools, and whether homeschool parents wouldn't be doing a greater service to the rest of the kids if they instead worked from within the system. One point made in the comments that I particularly liked was by Jacque:

Besides, if all of the people who actually send their children to the ps would step up to the plate first, then you could pick on the homeschoolers.
Exactly. And why pick on anyone? Live and let live. If you don't like your child's school, then work with the other parents to make it what you want it to be. And why aren't parents who send their kids to private schools ever dragged into this debate? There are 10 times as many kids in private schools as are homeschooled.

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Laura said...

I haven't read the article and responses yet, but I've always held firm that I'm not going to lose my kids for 12 yrs to a system that won't be fixed anytime soon. That's like saying I'll feed my kids only junk food while I lobby the companies to make their products healthier. I support healthier products and healthier schools, but I still won't choose something that'll make us unwell.

And hey - thx for the shout-out!! :)