Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SOFTI Part Seven--Naples and Herculaneum

Part Seven of a Series

On Saturday the 24th, my mom joined us on a trip to Naples, to visit Herculaneum (Ercolano). This map shows the general area. We again took a bus to Formia to get the train.

We saw lots of buffalo along the way (different from ours in the States), whose milk they make the best mozzarella cheese from. This site explains about the Italian bufala's origin, and the cheese.

Once in Naples, we got on their version of a metro--lots and lots of graffiti on the trains and at the stations and really on most buildings we passed.

The metro took us to within walking distance of Ercolano, and we happened to be there on the one weekend a year that Pompeii and Ercolano have free admission. Otherwise it would have cost 10 euro per person!

This is on the walk down to the entrance--you get a great view of the whole city, and you can see the water, too.

We rented the audiophones so we could hear about each building we went into, at our own pace, and there was even a version just for kids, all in English, of course. That made the trip really worth it.

The kids have the audiophones around their necks.

Beautiful tile still intact, from a public bath, I believe.

You can see Mt Vesuvius in the distance, with a flat top.

It was so different from our trip to Rome. Emily even listened to recordings while we sat taking a break and eating ice cream. She could look at the map, and pick a building number and punch it into the phone to hear about it.

My mother hadn't been to Naples in 40 yrs! And she had a very negative opinion of the city--known for pickpockets and crime in general. But she really enjoyed the trip, so I felt I had accomplished something. :) I had visited Naples when I was living in Italy right after college and enjoyed it.

The guys were tired after a day of walking around!

Part Eight tomorrow.

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