Saturday, August 25, 2007

SOFTI Part Three Continued

Part Three Continued

Eddie and the kids and I took the train to Rome on the 8th. Once we arrived at Termini, the train station, we had to go to the bus kiosk and figure out which bus line we needed to get to the Coliseum area.

It was an overcast day with a bit of rain here and there, but we got to see the Coliseum and walk around the ruins surrounding it, including the Arches of Constantine and of Titus, Temple of Venus and Rome, and the Forum Romanum.

Walking from where the bus let us off toward il Colosseo.

The Coliseum had a security issue and was closed, so we didn’t get to have a tour inside, but everyone made sure to touch it.

A book we brought from the US which was really great to have in Rome is Frommer’s “Rome Past & Present: Guide with Reconstructions.” It had images of the ruins today, and plastic overlays to show what they probably looked like in their glory days. It helped all of us imagine how amazing things must have looked, the architecture that went into building all the monuments, temples and other buildings. Even if you don't go to Rome, I think the book is worth buying.
Thomas fell asleep on the train about 5 minutes before we arrived back in Formia.

Another day, Emily lost a tooth while eating un cannolo from Pasticceria de Falco Carmine, just around the corner from our apartment, and requested Euros from her tooth fairy, who complied with the request. :) [Updated: the link for the pastry shop seems to be gone, but here's another with a map of it's location.
The offending pastry, which Emily is trying hard to eat with just half of her mouth.

On Sundays almost everything is closed (except, of course, the churches, the bells of which were annoyingly loud and close-by and rang with regular frequency), and we just hung around the apartment and wrote some postcards. We also got packed for a trip to Cassino, where my mother was born and raised, and where we visited often when I was growing up.
Part Four tomorrow.

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