Friday, August 31, 2007

Water for Elephants

I received my free copy of Water for Elephants from Elizabeth at CharlottesvilleWords. She had a give-away contest, and lucky me won. Well, I am sorry to say I haven't gotten to read it yet. But, I noticed that the Nelson County branch of JMRL is going to have a brown bag book club discussion on it (just keep scrolling till you find it!) in November.

I've never been to that branch. I'm not sure, but I think it would take me over an hour to get there. [Just checked Mapquest and it says 1 hour and 1 minute.] Don't think I'll join them, but maybe now I'll start reading the book, and can give Elizabeth's readers a review of it. I have a feeling it won't be anything at all similar to Like Water for Chocolate, which the title reminds me of. And I haven't read that one, either, but I did see the movie. :)

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JohnPark said...

I just read the first few pages, and I'm hooked!