Tuesday, September 04, 2007

88th Carnival of Homeschooling

The 88th Carnival of Homeschooling is now posted at http://yedies.blogspot.com/2007/09/88th-carnival-of-homeschooling.html.
I entered my brother's post Rigid body dynamics simulation from da Vinci's Kinematic Mechanisms. Any my Monarchs post.

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Dana said...

Sorry about the off topic comment, but I just wanted to answer the question you left on my birding blog. Between travel and computer issues, I completely missed it until today.

You asked about our platform feeder and whether birds scatter seed. Ours do not seem to, but we fill it with black oil sunflower seed so they don't sort through the seed looking for their favorites. It is windy around here, though, and the wind blows a bit. We have a sunflower growing in the middle of our driveway!

Silvia said...

That makes sense. If there were a seed mix they'd really make a mess finding their favorites. Kind of like picking the M&M's out of trail mix. :)

Dana said...

My kids did that at the Y this evening!