Sunday, September 02, 2007

Deer and Chicken Photos

I was up at the house taking these pictures on zoom, so they're pretty fuzzy, but we had 4 white-tailed deer in our yard. Not an unusual occurrence for us, but I hadn't taken pictures of them before. There is one male with antlers--second from the right in this picture. One antler is a bit twisted, but I think he's got at least 4 points. I haven't seen the two skinny fawns in the last week. I'm hoping they were adopted into the large herd we see in the same area.

Our little chicks are about 14 weeks old now. They probably won't start laying till they're around 22 weeks, but we have several different breeds and some start sooner than others. This picture has two light Brahmas and the one rooster we've identified so far, a Partridge cochin. He was named Mumbles by the kids. His crow is rather pathetic at this point. :) But he's quite respected and revered in the coop by the females, according to Emily and Thomas.

These two are the white-crested black Polish (Creampuff) and the Egyptian Fayoumis (Cleo, unless we find out she's a he). They're still isolated because the feathers on Creamy's head keep getting plucked out by the other chicks. I'm hoping that once they're fully in we'll be able to integrate them both with the others. Otherwise, I think we'll have house-chickens. Don't think Eddie will go for that one, though.
This picture shows a black Australorp, Rhode Island red, two barred rocks, and a light Brahma.
Just an inside-the-coop shot to compare their size to when they were first let into the coop.

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